FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018

8.00-9:00 PM

The Old Church

Left: Henrik Persson. Right: Chris Hartland and Joel Raymond – photo (c) Paul Hurst

Concertos for a Summer Evening

Exuberant concertos for oboes, recorders and viola da gamba with our resident ensemble and star soloists: works by Handel, Telemann, Marcello, Sammartini and Vivaldi.

Joel Raymond, Chris Hartland and Stokey Baroque

Joel Raymond and Chris Hartland (oboes and recorders), Henrik Persson (viola da gamba).
Stokey Baroque: John Crockatt, Philip Yeeles (violins), Dan Shilladay (viola) Henrik Persson (cello), Jan Zahourek (double bass/violone), Tom Foster (harpsichord)